Puppy Pads Large Size Pack of 50 Super Absorbent Puppy Training Pads Anti Slip Dog training pads - No Leaking Quick Dry Dog Pads

SKU Puppypads

Quality & Quantity: These puppy training pads measure 60x60cm, they are large sized training pads. Each pack includes 50 pads

Absorbent: Puppy pads are made with 5 strong absorbent layers, ensuring that they are leak-proof. Clean-up is easy due to the polymer layer that absorbs liquid and turns into gel

Anti-odour: In addition to being super absorbent, these puppy pads enclose both moisture and odour, which makes them easy to dispose of without mess

All purpose: Make the backseat of your vehicle more comfortable and mess prevention by lining the seat. Place puppy pad under the pet's food and water bowls and on the floors of your home to shield them from any spills

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