Automatic Electric Incense Burner for Oud, Bakhoor, Frankincense, Sandalwood, Resin, Oil


AUTOMATIC THERMOSTAT CONTROL - Heat temperature can be adjusted to high or low as desired to suit various types of incense. Simply adjust the heat setting using the dial to match the type of incense you are using. This burner can heat to approximately 125 degrees Celsius. It does NOT produce any fumes or smoke whatsoever. The coil will heat the incense and allow it to produce a scent without producing any fumes or smoke.

NEW AND IMPROVED MODEL - New design with an improved dial; modern look; a larger plate to hold more incense; and general functionality improvements for ease of use.

PREMIUM QUALITY BUILD - Built with premium and high-quality components, and rigorously tested to the highest safety standards. Main body and plate: stainless steel. Base: wood. Handle: bakelite.

SUITABLE FOR VARIOUS TYPES OF INCENSE - Various types of incense can be heated with this burner due to the adjustable thermostat settings: bakhur, frankincense (lauban), agarwood (oud), sandalwood, resins, gums, oils and much more.

1 YEAR WARRANTY - We stand behind the quality of our products. We therefore offer a 1 year limited warranty for this burner. The only automatic electric burner on the market to offer such a generous warranty period.


Product description

Automatic Electric Bakhur Burner for Bakhoor, Frankincense (Lauban), Agarwood, Sandalwood, Incense & More. 


Thermostatically controlled electric burner that allows you to adjust the heat as desired. Suitable for heating a wide variety of incense.


Automatic thermostat 

Bakelite handle

Removable plate for easy cleaning

AC 220 -240V

Heats to approximately 125 degrees Celsius 

Safety and quality tested

High quality components

3-pin UK plug


1. Place the contents to be heated on the SS plate provided. 

2. Turn on the burner by turning the dial to the lowest heat setting. A red light should turn on. 

3. Start with the low heat setting to experiment with the heat level.

4. Slowly increase the heat if required (see table for heat suggestions – found on the back of packaging).

5. The heat will automatically stop and start (to avoid overheating) as the burner is thermostat controlled. The red light will constantly turn on and off to indicate when the heat is on and off.


Keep away from children when the burner is turned on. 

Using the burner on the highest temperature setting for too long will quickly burn most types of incense. Low – medium heat is the suitable temperature for almost all types of incense (see table for heat suggestions – found on the back of packaging).

Do NOT touch the plate or the top part of the burner when the burner is turned on. The plate can get extremely hot, especially on higher temperature settings. 

After the burner has been turned off, do NOT touch the plate or the top part of the burner for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour in order to allow the burner to cool down. Use the handle to move the burner.

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