Vacuum seal storage pack


This vacuum bag will save you up to 75% space, facilitating storage in the closet, suitcase, etc., and making it easier to keep everything neat.It is multipurpose, suitable for storing clothes, quilts, pillows, blankets, curtains, bedding or winter clothes when they are out of season. Thanks to its airtight seal, you can protect your clothes from moisture, odors, mold and insects, extending their useful life, saving you not only space, but also money.


To make the vacuum, you can use any standard vacuum or a simple vacuum pump using the valve to remove the air (the valve has a plug).

Note: make sure everything you insert is completely dry before putting them in the bags, and check that the bags are properly sealed.

1- Dry and fold the clothes well. Introduce it leaving a few centimetres away with the closure.
2- To close the bag, slide the closure several times to ensure its complete closure, to ensure tightness.
3- Empty the air with a vacuum cleaner or similar.
4- To finish, close the valve with the cap.

Approx Size:

2pc Jumbo size 74 x 130cm
1pc large size 50 x 85cm

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