SYOSIN Professional Tube Exercise Resistance Band With Comfortable Handles, Ideal for Physical Therapy, Strength Training, Muscle Toning, Door Anchor Storage Bag included

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Rally tube has been recommended as a professional weight loss fitness product by sports programs many times. It is loved by most fitness enthusiasts and friends, and it is also suitable for teenagers and women with relatively low intensity.

It is the best assistant for practicing yoga and Pilates, effectively stretching and exercising the whole body muscles, stabilizing the posture and controlling the stretching distance, and shaping the perfect body curve.

The tension tube has good elasticity and can be used in conjunction with the movements in yoga training to obtain better plasticity. It can assist each other with family members to complete the exercise. It can increase the fun of exercise and change the single exercise method.

1. The door anchor uses dense but soft foam

2. Lightweight and portable, use anytime, anywhere

3. Increased the number of times you can exercise.

1. Durability and environmental protection

2. No irritation and no peculiar smell

3.Latex has good abrasion resistance, super high elasticity, breaking strength and elongation.

Foam-coated handle

It has anti-slip and perspiration function and Comfortable hand feel, not easy to break.

Easy to carry. You can easily pack them in a suitcase or car to exercise in the workplace or hotel room.

Exercise the buttocks and arm muscles

Stand back and forth with your feet, squat down until your front feet are perpendicular to the ground, pull up the rope with your hands on your shoulders, keep your lower body straight or lean forward, stand up and return to the original squatting state

Middle deltoid exercise

Stand back and forth or parallel to your feet, step on the rope under your feet, holding the handles on either side, keeping your head straight and leaning forward slightly. As you exhale, keep your arms slightly bent, inhale, straighten your arms, stop when your elbow is at shoulder level, and return to the original position as you inhale. When doing this exercise, remember to raise your elbow instead of your hand so that you can more easily identify the sensation of a deltoid contraction. Can train the deltoid muscle well.

Back and arm muscle exercises

1. Simultaneous press: Step on the elastic rope, stand back and forth with both feet, hold the handle of the elastic rope on your shoulders with both hands, hold your palms forward, hold your chest, inhale, and raise your hands up at the same time until your arms straighten when you exhale , But pay attention to keeping the elbow joint slightly flexed. Inhale to return to the original action.

Muscle exercises for the legs and abdomen

Fix the elastic band on your right foot, kneel on your left knee on the mat, and hold both ends of the elastic band to support the ground. Bend your right leg, then push backwards. Exhale when stretching and inhale when restoring.

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