Soft Bounce Back Hotel Quality PollyCotton Hallowfibre New filled Sleeping pillows pack of 2 medium support for Stomach, back and Side Sleepers (2-Pack)

SKU 2xpillow

Size: 45x72 CM UK Standard Size (Approx) Great for family and hotel

Color & Material: White ,Outer Material: 50% Cotton / 50% Polyester , Filling: 100% Hallowfibre Polyester

Our hallowfibre Sleeping Bed filled pillows are compression packed, creating a small and light package for shipment to your home or business. When the pillows arrive, release the plastic wrap to allow them time to fluff. The pillow will be fully fluffed after 24 hours. You also can pat it for a quick fluff.

Quality sleep requires quality pillows that conforms to your head shape and supports your head and neck throughout the night perfect for side sleepers and neck pain. High-quality pillows make you full of energy. Our Hotel quality pillows are filled with top grade polyester that is odourless and dust-free, ensuring maximum comfort and support as you sleep.& its Anti-Bacterial and anti-mite and hypoallergenic

Get a good night’s sleep every night and sleep in absolute comfort and luxury with this set of pillows at the most affordable, give you a good mood every day

Suitable Season: Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED

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