Reversible Panda Cat Dragon Kids Soft Gift Plushie Animal - Black - Plush Toy

SKU Reversibledragon

Double-sided Black Dragon Reversible Flip Plushie

A cute reversible Black Dragon plushie with two different expressions. The unique flip design provides you with different visual and sensory experiences. This cute plushie adopts a unique double-sided two-color design, which can be easily flipped into different colors and expressions. Easy to flip inside out so you can show your mood to the world.

Soft & Huggable Reversible Plushies🧸Made and stuffed with high quality materials ✅Thousands of happy owners 🤗Our plushies are tactile and sensory for learning and may enforce good behavior in children. 👦Collect them all 🌟Easy to wash, 💯 Non-Toxic and Safe for Pets, Babies & RelationshipsQuality checked before deliverySize: 20 x 15 x 15cm approximately

















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